Privacy Policy  

    1. This Privacy Policy describes the way in which information processing VEGAS EMPIRE your data and you give us can manage to participate in the product and the games, features overall and operation of systems and sites. Refer to Section 6.4
    2. You agree, acknowledge and agree to VEGAS EMPIRE carried out your information and the purpose of allowing use of data, register for an account and use your website to allow visitors Sale of our products and games to provide services for customers
    3. VEGAS EMPIRE can only use personal information and data that allows you to participate in the product and the games, and perform activities related to the participation of you in the game play and the verification procedures of your account.
    4. By submitting your information and data to us and using the Site, you agree to all the disclosure between companies belonging VEGAS EMPIRE (including but not limited to trades , provider, payment gateway) may be responsible for some of the functions and operations and site system as defined in this Privacy     policy
    Personal information and data you can use in conjunction with other information for the following purposes:
    1. In relation to the transactions including online billing and payment offline (traditional)
    2. Exchange of betting tickets
    3. Manage your account and upgrade member profile
    4. Compliance with legal responsibilities and our services
    5. Research, survey and analysis of members
    6. Provide promotions, products and support
    7. Monitor Monitoring transactions assigned members to check fraud, irregular betting activities, bonus fraud, collusion and fraud group bets.
    5. Support Our customers can contact you by phone, email, text messages (SMS) and or even using all contact channels. If the calls to and from the support     of our customers are recorded for security purposes and requirements with any problems you get from the support group.
    6. Cookies contact information is transferred to the hard drive of your computer. We use cookies for a number of site operations. Please click choose to     delete cookies from your browser if you want to delete any cookies already stored on your computer
    7. Any privacy policy Our changes will be posted on this page and take effect immediately
    8. VEGAS EMPIRE can publish your awards page on the web as "Winner" and in specific markets (eg, newsletters, banners). These publications will include     members of "Username" and the amount won.