The chips are placed onto the plate and covered with the cup and set onto a table. The plate is picked up by a dealer a few inches from the table and shaken while covered. Players will take time to place a wager on several bet choices. Those bets are

After the betting period, the cup is removed revealing the number or red chips and the number of white chips.

Winning bet amounts are calculated according to the following odds:

BetPayout Ratio (X:1)
4 white 9.50
4 red 9.50
1 white, 3 red 2.5
3 white, 1 red 2.5
EVEN (either 4 white, 2 white and 2 red, or 4 red) 0.97
ODD (either 3 white and 1 red or 1 white and 3 red) 0.97