Why you should choose to become Vegas Empire agency partner?

Vegas Empire have many years of experience in the industry and have a team of professional managers who can give you reference ideas of online consultation strategy, simple interface and online betting network with most automatic control methods. We wants all the customers worldwide can enjoy online betting services most easily. Company develops its own IT system to operate all the games including online casino, sports, poker, lottery and lots of other fun, interesting games. We look forward to welcoming you to become our strategic reseller partners of our company.

  1. We offer all leading products such as sports , online casino , poker , lotteries /KENO, a variety of other interesting species of game。
  2. Provides independent operation rights, enable affiliate to build relationship with players.
  3. Our market strategy always ensures that we have a large number of customers and higher profits.
  4. You can have chance to get more commission rates as high as 50 %.
  5. Commissions come directly from main dealers and subordinate joint venture partners.
  6. We provide high quality software which can help you to manage your profits .
  7. We have a well-trained team to meet your requirements.

Your bonus is calculated based on monthly commission of all the games including sports betting and online casino, in which profit is generated based on the circumstances. Commission rate can reach from 30% to 50%. 

A special feature of our system is besides from commission earned from direct members, affiliates are entitled to a commission of the joint venture partners below their levels. To expand your network, you can introduce others to our website to sign up as a joint venture partner of your subordinates. This is the reason that the dealer is always attached to a network of loyal VEGAS EMPIRE.

Agency income Top

Agency monthly profit (MYR) Minimum active membersCommission (%)
200~60,000 5 people 30%
60,001~150,000 people 40%
Above 150,001 people 50%

Note: The above data is to display your active members's monthly net loss, and also relate to your commission rate (your commission rate is based on the members's net loss).

  1. In addition to the list of active members, below level partners also need to ensure that the members of both active. If you do not meet these requirements, you may not receive a commission.
  2. Each member must meet monthly amount of the minimum bet is 200 MYR.
  3. If the total profit of the required number of members but not enough, you also will not receive a commission on that level.
    The number of active members including agents below level members.
  4. Dealers must have the appropriate advertising strategy to promote the system to other areas, we have the right to defer payment until the commission agents can provide the necessary information related concerned. Any project is a joint venture when we confirm profitable growth is false data, we will cancel the entire rights of dealer and their profits permanently

Calculate agency commission Top

 Member Win/Lose AmountAgency CommissionCurrency (MYR)
Agent I 2'600 780  
The first downline agentMember Win/Lose AmountAgency commissionCOMMISSION of 10%
Mark 400 120 12
Jen 600 180 18
The second downline agent     COMMISSION of 10% X10%
Han 2'400 720 7.2
Linda -140 0 0
Vincy 1'600 480 4.8

Deputy Member Recommendation agency partners bonus: (table after the decimal point is rounded off)


Agency Commission:
Agent 1 = RM780

First Level Downline:
Mark = RM120
Jen = RM180

Second Level Downline:
Han = RM720
Linda = 0
Vincy = RM480

Agent 1 will earn additional 10% of his first level downline agents, Mark and Jen, and
additional (10% X 10%) = 1% of his second level downline agents, Han and Vincy.

Therefore, Agent 1's Grand Total Commission of the month is:
780 + (120 + 180) X 10% + (720 + 480) X 1%
= 780 + 30 + 12
= RM822

NoteWe will base on the affiliate agreement to pay a commission to the agent in accordance with the commission ratio. The operating costs and related expenses will be deduct in the agent's commission. Operating costs and related expenses (related expenses should be counted in accordance with the commission %). 

  1. Gaming taxes required to be paid (or other reasonable expenses related)
  2. Fraudulent payments
  3. Returned to the principal
  4. Bank debit
  5. Invalid betting
  6. Promotional activities offered to the players includes the cost of "Free bets" or "Free chips" (bonus)
  7. Payment fee (withdrawal fee)

Advice for customer Top

  1. Please noted that players who register at VEGAS EMPIRE cannot be earlier than the date of registration of affiliate account.
  2. When you register to become a successful affiliate of Vegas Empire, remember to notify us within 5 working days, if overdue we reserve the right to refuse to register your account.
  3. We have certain requirements for members of our affiliates (eg betting amount, deposit amount, etc.) If a member does not meet the relevant requirements, it will not be recognized active members.

When will I can get a commission, and what is the payment method? Top

      1. Commission will be paid on the 10th of each month for all affiliates. For example, on March 10th, you will receive a commission of month.

      2. After you confirm your banking information is accurate, commissions will be automatically deposited into your bank account.

Affiliate Application Top

Please carefully read the following terms , when you send a request to this website, we watch as you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Make sure you give the correct login link authorized by the Company for members under your level.
  2. Company provides the facility to check the affiliate's data . Commissions will be based on the data of monthly income as a basis Affiliate calculation.
  3. Company will administer the affiliate through betting transactions of their members. Once members violate company rules, we will reserve the rights to refuse all transactions of any violation and cancel their accounts.
  4. Effective date of this regulation commences on creating links between affiliates with the site, and continue in effect until the two sides informed each other in writing a request to terminate this Agreement.
  5. Authorized parties must consider their customers to minimize the risk of betting. If the Company can detect the real damage , though not intentionally cause harm , we also reserves the right to cancel or commission of this transaction.
  6. In some cases, without notice , the Company reserves the right to update , modify or add to any provisions in joint venture agreements and will be announced after the change.
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